Finding the best way for mastering legal and regulatory conflicts, crises and controversies: that is what we do.  It is our specialty, practiced and honed over decades of working both as external litigators and as senior inhouse counsel. We will fight for you inside and outside the courtroom, deploying also flanking measures such as political advocacy and media relations.


We make your case before courts and arbitral tribunals – with vigor, rigor and enthusiasm. Litigation, both domestic and across borders, is our core competence.


We work with you on effective campaigns to advance your company’s regulatory objectives with lawmakers and agencies, finding the sweet spot between law, policy and politics.


We chart out creative, unexpected ways to solve your conflicts outside the courtroom. We are also specialized in mediation.


We lead you through crises with a steady hand by seamlessly coordinating the work of lawyers, PR experts, investigators and others and by guiding management and internal stakeholders.


We put you in a better position to anticipate legal and regulatory conflicts and to act on these insights by maximizing opportunities while mitigating risks.


For examples of our previous work, please take a look at “Our Experience in Major Matters” under “WHO”.


When facing a major litigation or regulatory conflict, whether with a competitor, supplier, shareholder or the government, you want to have a battle-tested expert on your side. 

We have frequently been on the forefront of groundbreaking legal developments. Many cases and campaigns we were involved in led to seminal decisions of German, European and international courts and influenced fundamental changes in legislation.

Our unique skill set and experience will always give you an edge.  Because mastering disputes and other conflicts, inside and outside the courtroom, is a specialty.  As such, it is not tied to any particular field of law or industry.

Of course, as for any lawyer, there are certain practice areas and sectors in which we have built especially strong experience. For example:

  • EU litigation and regulatory disputes with the government
  • Corporate litigation, manager liability and D&O
  • Commercial disputes
  • Disputes with enforcement authorities about product issues and sales & marketing
  • Cartel damage claims
  • Tobacco and nicotine
  • Banking, finance and capital markets
  • Insurance
  • Oil & gas
  • Companies with controversial products or practices
  • New technology operating in largely unchartered territories

At the same time, you will see that we are curious and fast learners, capable of quickly immersing ourselves in other practice areas and business sectors.  Indeed, we are always looking forward to moving into new battlegrounds where we can turn our specialty – mastering conflicts, crises and controversies – into an advantage for you.


We are an internationally operating law firm, with offices in Munich and Zug. While the center of gravity of what we can do for you is in Germany, we are well positioned to serve also clients in other countries. From Toronto to Buenos Aires, from Oslo to Cape Town, from Moscow to Melbourne, we have worked on legal disputes and regulatory conflicts in more than 40 different jurisdictions, literally spanning the entire globe.

We understand the importance of intercultural navigation and bridge-building when working across borders.  Indeed, we have seen close up that it can make the difference between winning and losing.  With sensitivity to the perspectives of others and to the differences of legal practices around the world, we know how to achieve true alignment for successful teamwork in multinational matters.


Can we make the hourly rate a thing of the past? We have been on the buying side of legal services for many years, and, not surprisingly, we never quite liked the hourly rate model.  This hasn’t changed. When speaking with you about fees, we will start by discussing the value proposition.

What is the value of the case to you, and what is the value we can inject into it?  That should always be the starting point.  We can then look at many different alternative fee arrangements, from fixed fee menus to fee caps to risk collars and subscriptions, to name just a few.  We will find, together with you, a model tailored to your needs.  And where appropriate, we are also happy to have skin in the game.

In any event, when it comes to fees, there are a couple of things you can always expect from us: full transparency, timely and proactive communication, the ability to plan your budget, and no bad surprises.